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  • 2012 Olympics Report Has Few Criticisms


    (ATR) The report of the IOC Evaluation Commission for 2012 is out, raising doubts about Moscow's bid and mentioning the impasse over New York plans for a new stadium. The 123 page report was released today in Lausanne.

    The report's most negative comments deal with Moscow, saying "a lack of detailed planning in the candidature file and background information made it difficult for the commission to evaluate the project."

    Otherwise, the remaining four cities, London, New York City, Paris and Madrid end up with favorable comments in all aspects of their bids, ranging from accommodations to transport to venues.

    In accommodations for Madrid, the report notes that some hotels distant from the city would need to be used.

    For New York City the report noted that the approval process for approval of a new stadium and IBC is underway "and no guarantees were provided that these sites would be available for the construction of Olympic infrastructure."

    A vote on the stadium project by New York state officials is supposed to happen later today.

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