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  • Olympic Bids Await Fate of IOC Report


    IOC headquarters in Lausanne. (ATR) 
    (ATR) Today's a day that could make or break candidates for the 2012 Olympics or simply make the choice in a close race even more inscrutable. The report of the IOC 2012 Evaluation Commission will be released in Lausanne at 1430 Central European Time.

    The report is the result of the visits of the 12-member commission to Madrid, London, New York, Paris and Moscow, in that order, in February and March.

    No rankings are to be made, but the report is expected to closely parse the differences among the cities. With all the candidates deemed capable of hosting the Games it remains to be seen how clearly the report can separate the contenders.

    Reports in Sunday's London newspapers say the report will indicate Paris and London are running at the head of the pack. In a statement released after those reports, New York City decri
    The ribbon of white is the 2.5 km flag unfurled during a Sunday festival in Madrid. 
    ed them as "an absolute fabrication".

    New York says it believes the report "will conclude that New York's bid is just as strong technically as Paris or London."

    Madrid and Paris are basking in the afterglow of festivals on Sunday that reports say attracted a million or more people in each city.

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