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  • 2012 Cities Under The Microscope At IOC


    (ATR) - The fates of the cities hoping to bid for the 2012 Summer Olympics is, for the time being, in the hands of a ten member working group of IOC experts.

    The panel met a week ago in Switzerland to review the questionnaires submitted by the nine cities hoping to bid for 2012. The group is now in the midst of assembling a report that could result in several cities being cut from the field.

    The report will be delivered to the IOC Executive Board May 18 in Lausanne. The findings of the working group will be used by the EB to decide which of the nine cities will be asked to enter formal bids for the Games.

    The working group is headed by Olympic Games executive director Gilbert Felli and is not expected to meet again prior to delivering the report to EB on May 18. The report will remain secret until that date as well, says an IOC official.

    The nine cities applying to bid for the 2012 Games are: Paris, Leipzig, New York City, Moscow, Istanbul, Havana, London, Madrid, and Rio De Janeiro