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  • Mizuno Drops Tokyo 2016, Chicago Expands Committee, Youth Olympics Decision


    Mizuno Quits Tokyo 2016
    Stalwart Olympics sponsor Mizuno has been forced by the IOC to drop its sponsorship of the Tokyo bid for the 2016 Olympics.
    Reports from Japan say that the sporting goods company was told in a letter from the IOC Ethics Commission that Mizuno could not sponsor the Tokyo bid at the same time it held the sponsorship to supply uniforms to the Beijing Olympics for IOC members and staff.

    The Mizuno logo already has been struck from the Tokyo 2016 website.

    Chicago 2016 Expands Committee, Launches Online Merchandise Sales

    The advisory committee for the Chicago bid has expanded in the past month from 140 to 235 members. Bid spokesman Partick Sandusky says the additions are meant to make the committee “more representative of the city”.

    With Chicago hoping to move from the domestic to international
    phase of the campaign in 2016, Sandusky says the expanded committee could help bolster the city’s worldwide outreach.

    Among the notables added to the committee is Dennis Hastert, former Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives.

    Apparel bearing the logo of the Chicago Olympics bid now is available for purchase through an online store located at the bid website. The range of products includes t-shirts and some outerwear, top prices under $50. While the site includes information on worldwide shipping for the goods, orders can only be accepted from U.S. purchasers.

    One Week to Go for Youth Olympics Decision

    IOC President Jacques Rogge will take to the web in one week to announce the first ever host for the Youth Olympic Games. The contest for the event, planned for August 2010, is down to two finalists: Moscow and Singapore.

    The webcast announcement will be the first of its kind for the IOC, just as the postal vote that is concluding among the IOC members for the YOG host. While the IOC has webcast past IOC Sessions where Olympic hosts have been named, this webcast is meant solely to handle the Youth Olympic Games host.

    No time has been announced yet for the webcast, but it is expected around midday in Lausanne.

    Written by Ed Hula

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