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  • Turin Paralympics: First Italian Medal


    Pascale Casanova of France is led by her guide Benedicte Sainas while competing in the Women's Downhill 
    (ATR) The first Italian medal of these Paralympics was won by Silvia Parente. Together with her guide, Lorenzo Migliari, Parente obtained a third place, 5"58 behind the winner French Pascale Casanova in the ladies visually impaired downhill. ; Silver was awarded to Austrian Sabine Gasteiger.

    Starting day for the Cross-Country Skiing event, held in Pragelato Plan. The gold was won by the Ukrainian Olena Iurkovska, already the winner of yesterday?s 10 km Biathlon sitting event, followed in second place by Liudmila Vauchock of Belarus and, in third, by Lyudmila Pavlenko.

    The men?s 5 km was dominated by the Russian Taras Kryjanovski, who yesterday occupied the second place in the 12.5 km Biathlon sitting event. Silver medal for the Ukrainian Iurii Kostiuk. Frenchman Alain Marguerretaz finishes on the podium for the bronze medal.

    After the Norway Italy ice sledge hockey match, an event occurred that will no doubt linger with audience members for a long time. After the usual goodbyes exchanged by players before leaving the rink, th
    Helge Bjornstad after he proposed. 
    e Norwegian striker Helge Bjornstad addressed a girl sitting on the stands and invited her to come down, but the surprise was not yet over.

    At this point, he player got off his sledge, knelt down before her and, while handing out a bunch of flowers, said something to her that did not appear to be clear at first. However, given that the girl put her arms around him the spectators realized that they had just witnessed an incredibly original wedding proposal and clapped their hands in what became a deafening ovation.