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  • Turin Olympics Tickets in Full Color


    The ticket design for figure skating. 
    (ATR) Tickets for the Turin Olympics will be different for each event, a break from past Games where a common design has been used. Leaders of the Turin Olympics unveiled the tickets at a Thursday press conference.

    Designed around the palette and imagery of Turin's look of the Games, the pictogram of each event is the central image for each ticket.

    In the case of the tickets for opening and closing ceremonies, the two, when put together, form a single image in gold and silver.

    Turin organizers say they have built anti-fraud protection into the tickets, which carry 14 different safeguards.

    TOROC says
    The Paralympic sports, such as wheelchair curling, also have unique ticket designs. 
    tickets will be sent by TNT courier starting on January 9.

    Along with unveiling the look of the tickets, TOROC handed out the first copies of the Spectator Guide for visitors to the Olympic Winter Games.

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