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  • Kim Expulsion, 2006 Jitters for IOC


    (ATR) On the one year mark to the 2006 Olympics, the IOCâ??s executive board will meet in Turin and look for assurances that the Games next year will be free of money worry. The EB also faces a decision on whether to recommend expulsion for Un Yong Kim.

    The case of Kim, who is suspended from his post as an IOC vice president, was reviewed last week by the IOC Ethics Commission in light of the South Korean Supreme Court denial of his appeal. He has one more year to serve in prison for his conviction on bribery and embezzlement.

    The hearing by the Ethics Commission included a presentation from two attorneys, one of them Kimâ??s daughter, asking for clemency. They argued to the to commission that Kim was the victim of political persecution.

    If the EB votes to expel Kim, a 2/3â??s vote of the IOC session in Singapore will be needed to confirm that â?? a number that may be too high to obtain, given Kimâ??s popularity, elected in 2003 to a four year term as VP.

    Meeting in Turin for the first time since the city was awarded the Games, the EB will get a full report on preparations and an explanation of the machinations underway in Italy to save Turin from a budget crisis.

    At midday in Turin on Feb 10, the IOC President will lead a ceremony to dispatch the invitations for the 2006 Olympics to the National Olympic Committees of the world.

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