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  • Budget Rescue Promise for 2006 Olympics


    Budget woes aside, the welcome banners have been hung from the lamp posts of Turin in time for this week's one year to go mark. (ATR Photos) 
    (ATR) The Italian government says it has found a "positive solution" to the budget problems affecting the Turin Olympics.

    Government undersecretary Gianni Letta said that state-owned agency Sviluppo Italia "will be fully involved in the operation."

    Olympic organizers, Turin authorities and government officials met on February 8 in Rome to discuss a solution, just one day before IOC President Jacques Rogge arrives in Turin for the "one year to the Olympics" mark and an IOC Executive Board meeting.

    He will be briefed on the outcome at a lunch in Turin with Pescante and TOROC president Valentino Castellani.

    Speaking after the meeting, Letta declined to say how Sviluppo Italia would pay the amount of the shortfall, or even if the agency can come up with the full 150 million euros. "There is a commitment to find any amount necessary," he stated.

    "We will choose (the solution) that proves to be faster and more appropriate," Letta said, adding that a final decision will be made "within a week."

    Olympic supervisor Mario Pescante canceled a meeting of the TOROC board that was slated to approve a definitive budget on February 4 because Sviluppo Italia had not made a full commitment yet to cover the 150 million euros budget shortfall.

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