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  • 2006 Olympics Chief: Budget To Be Solved


    The Palavela is readied for next month’s figure skating test event. The venue in Turin will also be used for short track speed skating. (ATR Photos/S. Hula) 
    (ATR) The head of the Turin Olympic Winter Games says the budget problems faced by the organizing committee can be fixed.

    Speaking to reporters at the conclusion of a week-long series of briefings for the world media, attended by Around the Rings, Valentino Castellani called the budget gap of 186 million euros â??manageableâ?.

    "I don't believe that for a country like Italy that figure is such a big problem. I believe it will be solved. We are all committed to achieving this result�, said the TOROC chief.

    Castellani says while the budget and subsequent leadership crisis at TOROC have engendered plenty of attention in the past few weeks, he says there is also good news about Turin to report.

    He says volunteer recruitment has reached 22,000 applications with a goal of 30,000.

    Castellani says the initial wave of ticket sales is going well, especially for tickets being sold outside Italy by NOCâ??s, federations and sponsors.

    And he says venues will soon be ready for test events, including the Palavela in Turin. The indoor arena is in the final stages of renovation prior to a test event next month in figure skating.

    December will also will bring the announcement of the torch relay for the 2006 Games which he says will cover all 100 provinces of Italy.

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