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  • Turin 2006 Checkup for Media & Sponsors


    Mount Fraiteve (2700m) is the site for women’s alpine events at San Sicario. (ATR Photos/S. Hula) 
    (ATR) Organizers of the Turin Olympics play host this week to sponsors and media visiting the city in preparation for the 2006 Olympic Winter Games.

    The World Press Briefing has assembled nearly 150 representatives from media organizations around the world credentialed to cover the Games. The media group has spent two days with visits to venues, both in the mountains and in the city. Also traveling with the media is IOC Press Commission chair Kevan Gosper.

    Apparently still firmly in his position at TOROC, chairman Valentino Castellani was on hand for dinner with the media Wednesday night, welcoming them to the city.

    Sponsors are meeting separately, reviewing the hospitality arrangements and other details of the Games with TOROC and IOC marketing officials.

    Accommodation is proving to be the hardest to solve, with thousands of beds still needed for guests. Turin organizers say the deficit will be covered through the use of many small-sized hotels and guest houses throughout the Piemonte Region.

    Also this week, Castellani and under secretary for sport Mario Pescante met with 70 diplomats from countries which will be attending the Games. This first briefing on the Games for the embassies and consulates will be followed with one in 2005.

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