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  • Maier Wants to Ski at 2006 Olympics


    Hermann Maier: “The Olympics are the biggest event for an athlete”. (ATR) 
    (ATR) Austria?s Hermann Maier says he is planning to compete at the Turin Olympic Winter Games. Maier, who missed the Salt Lake City Games while recovering from a motorcycle injury, tells the Austrian News Agency he wants the chance to compete in a second Olympics.

    Maier, 31, became a legend with his famous crash on the downhill in Nagano, from which he recovered to win two gold medals before the end of the Games. Since then he?s won four World Cup ski titles and is the biggest name in the sport.

    His presence in Turin would likely help drive ticket sales and TV ratings, especially when he attempts to atone for Nagano in the downhill at the Sestriere Borgata piste.