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  • Five Week Olympics Arts Fest for Vancouver


    (ATR) Vancouver's Cultural Olympiad will be a small one.

    The parallel arts and cultural festival to the 2010 Winter Olympics and Paralympics will last five weeks, compared to some multi-year extravaganzas of past Games.

    VANOC vice-president of culture and ceremonies Burke Taylor says the Vancouver Cultural Olympiad will be "a multi-dimensional showcase spanning community celebrations, cultural festivals, national and international collaborations, special events and everything in between."

    The Olympic Arts Festival will begin three weeks before the Feb. 12, 2010 opening day and end on the eve of the Feb. 28, 2010 closing ceremony.

    The Paralympic Arts Festival runs 10 days, from the eve of March 12, 2010 opening to the eve of the March 21 closing of the Paralympics. Some exhibitions and activities could bridge the gap between the Olympics and Paralympics, Taylor said.

    Information sessions are planned for September an
    Burke Taylor will direct the Vancouver Cultural Olympiad. (ATR) 
    d October in Vancouver.

    Robert Kerr has been hired as program director for the Cultural Olympiad. The co-founder and executive director of the Coastal Jazz and Blues Society begins working with VANOC in September. Kerr has produced the Vancouver International Jazz Festival, which annually draws audiences of 500,000.

    Reported by Bob Mackin in Vancouver

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