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  • Olympics Know-How Pow-Wow In Vancouver


    TOROC President Valentino Castellani will lead a team from the 2006 organizing committee to the debrief for Vancouver. (ATR) 
    (ATR) The biggest-ever transfer of knowledge from one Olympic city to another is about to begin in Vancouver. More than 300 staff from the Turin and Vancouver Olympics will take part in the debrief, lasting through next Friday. Telecommunications experts start their sessions today.

    The transfer of knowledge meeting, a tradition following after every Olympic Games since 2000, will take on a new direction and structure in Vancouver, says conference organizer IOC.

    "Focus will be put on the challenges and themes that influence the success of the Games, both Summer and Winter," says an IOC statement.

    "Rather than taking the classical functional approach, as was done in previous debriefs, whereby transport and accommodation, for example, were studied in isolation, the new approach will instead look at the Games across themes like the vision for the Games, the Olympic system or the experience of the athletes, pulling in all the relevant functional groups that were involved in these specific areas, giving an integrated overview of the challenges of organizing the Olympic Games," says the statement.

    For the first time at a seminar following the Winter Games, delegations from the next summer Games in Beijing and London will take part. Also invited are various stakeholders in the Games, including representatives from the IOC Athletes' Commission, international federations, sponsors, media, dignitaries, NOCs, spectators, the wider general public and the Paralympics.

    The broad invitation will make the Turin-Vancouver debriefing the biggest ever of the four held since Sydney.

    The Turin delegation will be led by TOROC President Valentino Castellani, while IOC Turin Coordination Commission chair Jean-Clau
    Athens 2004 President Gianna Angelopoulos and Jacques Rogge, then head of the IOC Coordination Commission for Athens and Sydney, at the first-ever transfer of knowledge debrief in November 2000. (ATR) 
    de Killy and Rene Fasel, chair of the IOC Vancouver Commission, will lead the IOC side. Olympic Games Executive Director Gilbert Felli and directors from all IOC departments will be in Vancouver. Felli's department is responsible for the overall organization of the seminar.

    With the summer Olympics now part of the debrief, the heads of the IOC commissions for Beijing and London, Hein Verbruggen and Denis Oswald, will both be attending.

    The three cities bidding for the 2014 Olympics will be sending delegations to Vancouver. Each city is allowed up to six delegates.

    The formal opening of the meeting takes place Monday night at the Vancouver hotel hosting the debriefing. A closing press conference is scheduled for Friday, July 14.

    On the scene coverage of the Turin-Vancouver debrief, next week, at, for subscribers only.