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  • Vancouver Update: New Stadium, Medals


    A rendering of the proposed Whitecaps Stadium in Vancouver. (Vancouver Whitecaps) 
    A Bonus Stadium for the 2010 Games

    Vancouver city council won't decide the fate of the proposed Whitecaps Waterfront Stadium before July 5.

    Soccer club owner Greg Kerfoot purchased a railyard on the city's waterfront where he hopes to build a 15,000-seat stadium by 2009. VANOC is eyeing the facility as a possible site for the 2010 Sponsors Village.

    Council began hearing citizens at its June 27 meeting. The matter was carried over on June 29, but council added sessions on July 4 and 5.

    A city hall staff report said the project needs major alterations to meet transportation challenges and to fit with the neighboring Gastown historical district. Polling has shown support for the proposal. However, some Gastown residents and merchants hired Reputations Corporation, a public relations firm to organize their opposition and lobby members of council. They will use the same firm that helped win election for Mayor Sam Sullivan and some of his city council colleagues.

    Striking Labor Peace

    A new labor contract for 35,000 members of the British Columbia Yukon Territory Building Construction Trades Council is up for ratification that would carry the workers through April 30, 2010.

    The contract would guarantee no work stoppages during building of venues for the 2010 Winter Olympics and Paralympics.

    Hourly wages average $22 to $31 and the new deal could raise them as much as $9 an hour.

    Mint Strikes Deal for Coins, Medals

    The Royal Canadian Mint will strike the medals and commemorative coins for the 2010 Olymp
    The Royal Canadian Mint made the medals for the 1976 Montreal Olympics. 
    ics. The deal is worth about $13 million. Designs for the medals and coins are still to be determined. Maybe the mint will have better luck than in 1976 when it had a similar deal with the Montreal Olympics, when Canada failed to win a single one of mint's gold medals.

    The coinage sponsorship includes the Olympics in 2008 and 2012.

    New Pins Coming

    July will bring the release of a new set of pins from pfficial licensees Laurie Artiss and Aminco International. The pins feature British Columbia coastal native pictographs and the green and blue "Sea to Sky palette" that figures prominently in the look of the Games.

    Reported by Bob Mackin in Vancouver.

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