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  • IOC Opens Vancouver Meeting, Sans Fasel


    Rene Fasel during a 2003 visit to Vancouver. (ATR) 
    (ATR) Day one of the latest visit to Vancouver of the 2010 Coordination Commission began without chairman Rene Fasel.

    The president of the International Ice Hockey Federation suffered an undisclosed illness after traveling from New York to the Vancouver meting. IOC vice president Gunilla Lindberg of Sweden is serving as chair while Fasel recovers.

    VANOC CEO John Furlong said a doctor was dispatched to evaluate Fasel.

    "Hopefully we'll be able to get him here under his own steam in the next few hours," Furlong said.

    IOC's executive director of the Olympic Games Gilbert Felli said February?s Torino Games showed "a very good relationship between culture and sport."

    But Felli says there were issues of venue readiness, transportation and accommodations to address with VANOC.

    "Everything you do today will affect your operation in 2010 when you open the Olympic Games," Felli said.

    meetings were closed to media after opening statements. The two-day CoComm visit-the third to Vancouver-includes venue site tours and meetings at VANOC's East Vancouver headquarters.

    "We place a very high premium on this visit," Furlong said. "We have lots to talk about."

    The meeting ends Wednesday.

    Reported by Bob Mackin in Vancouver.

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