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  • Fellowship of the Rings for Vancouver


    BC Premier Gordon Campbell at the signing of the "Fellowship of the Rings" in Turin. (Matt Crossman) 
    (ATR) British Columbia Premier Gordon Campbell has forged what he calls the "Fellowship of the Rings".

    Campbell hosted a memorandum of understanding signing ceremony at British Columbia Canada Place in Turin last week with officials of economic development agencies from Sydney, Turin, Beijing and London.

    He called it "a new bond for members of the Olympic family as we look to build legacies not just in sport and the arts, but economic and cultural legacies."

    Campbell said the MOU represents a full-time, multi-year commitment and network of support "similar to how we support athletes."

    The agreement will allow future Olympic hosts Vancouver, Beijing and London to learn from the experiences of Sydney and Torino, especially in turning the Games into a lasting legacy to promote business development and tourism.

    Signatories included Paolo Verri of Torino Internazionale, Michael Charlton of Think London, and Andrew Gilkes of Invest 2000 (Sydney) and CEO of China Access 2008. The MOU, however, did not
    Canada House in Turin will stay in the city permanently after the Paralympics. (ATR) 
    include Salt Lake City.

    One of the most popular non-sport destinations during the Turin Olympics, the log cabin-style B.C. Canada Place will remain open during the Paralympics. The promotional center for Canada and the 2010 Olympics drew hundreds of thousands of visitors in the city center. The building will be permanently moved to a park in Turin in the spring.

    Reported by Bob Mackin in Turin

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