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  • Vancouver Mayor Offers Olympics Vision


    Sam Sullivan at his City Hall inauguration. 
    (ATR) Vancouver's new mayor says the coming of the 2010 Olympics should make the city "a better place to live". Speaking at his inauguration Monday, Sam Sullivan said preparing for the Games will be a priority for the city.

    "When the world arrives in Vancouver in 2010, what kind of city will they find?" Sullivan asked at the outset of his speech at Vancouver City Hall.

    Calling the 2010 Olympics as one of the moments in Vancouver's history "that shape its destiny", Sullivan says the Games can be "a powerful catalyst that can help us attract resources and focus our efforts on making our city better in every way."

    Sullivan says he wants the city to take the lead in developing "social and environmental legacies leading up to and beyond 2010."

    Sullivan says he wants Vancouver "to demonstrate to the world that we are open for business and are seeking new investment leading up to and beyond 2010."

    The mayor says he wants to explore what other Olympic cities have done in the past as well as build relationships with upcoming host cities such as Beijing and London.

    Sullivan says the Cultural Olympiad is essential "to showcase Vancouver as a dynamic and creative city".

    "When the world arrives in 2010 I want them to find renewed arts facilities to showcase our talent," he says.

    In his speech, Sullivan said he wants to revitalize the Vancouver's Chinatown and beautify other parts of the city by 2010.

    A wheelchair user for 26 years, Sullivan also pledged "to continue imp
    Vancouver City Hall. (ATR) 
    roving accessibility and inclusivity, not only in the city that will host the Paralympics, but throughout Canada."

    Sullivan and 10 members of the Vancouver City Council took their oaths of office Monday, a little more than two weeks following the municipal elections.

    Sullivan, 45, a member of the right of center Non-Partisan Association, was Vancouver's longest-serving city councilor when he was elected. He'll serve a four-year term, meaning there will one more election prior to the 2010 Olympics.

    Sullivan will have the honor of receiving the Olympic flag from the mayor of Turin during the Feb.26 closing ceremony for the 2006 Olympics.

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