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  • Olympic City Elects New Mayor


    Sam Sullivan during the mayoral election campaign. ( 
    (ATR) A new mayor from Vancouver will take the Olympic flag during the handover ceremony at the close of the Turin Olympics in February. The winner of the municipal election held Saturday is Sam Sullivan, Vancouver's longest-serving city councilor.

    He will replace Larry Campbell, who opted not to run for a second term. Campbell was appointed a member of the Canadian Senate last summer.

    On his campaign web page, Sullivan single mention of the Olympics stresses the importance of the event to Vancouver's image.

    "The 2010 Winter Olympics will turn the eyes of the world to Vancouver in just five years, and we must be ready to show them a city that is above all others," he says.

    Sullivan, 45, is a member of the right of center Non-Partisan Association, winning just over the half the 120,000 votes cast. He edged his closest rival, Jim Green, by about 3800 votes. Green, a city councilor, represented the left-wing Vision Vancouver slate. An American who came to Vancouver in the late 60's to avoid the draft, Green was an early opponent of Vancouver's Olympic bid.

    Sullivan broke his neck in a skiing accident at age 19 and uses a wheelchair. He founded the British Columbia Disabled Sailing Association and has been active in issues affecting the disabled.

    Vancouver will have one more election before the Games,in 2008, when the mayor to serve during the 2010 Games will be elected.

    With reporting from Bob Mackin in Vancouver.

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