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  • Paralympics School for 2014 Olympic Bids


    Sochi 2014 Bid CEO Dmitry Chernyshenko (l) with Russian Paralympic Team chief Pavel Rojkov. (Sochi 2014) 
    (ATR) Observer teams from the seven cities in the race for the 2014 Winter Games head home with Sunday's close of the 2006 Paralympics in Turin, Italy.

    The applicant cities all sent delegations to the Paralympics as part of their preparation to submit formal bids later this year. A total of four observers were allowed at any one time, two fewer than with the observer program held last month during the Olympics. As with the Olympics program, cities rotated several delegates as Paralympics observers to provide as much experience as possible.

    "This is experience will help us integrate the Paralympics into our plans," Sochi 2014 CEO Dimitry Chernyshenko tells Around the Rings from Turin. He says the observers from Sochi included two from the Russian Paralympics and two from the bid committee.

    On hand for the close of the Paralympics for Salzburg were Mayor Heinz Schaden and Austrian Olympic Committee President Leo Wallner.

    "This trip will help us to develop our plans further and ensure that we deliver a seamless Games with the welfare of Paralympic athletes at the very core of our plans," says Wallner in a statement from the Salzburg bid.

    Pyeongchang's Paraly
    Walter Pfaller, Salzburg 2014 Paralympics expert with super-G silver medalist Harald Eder.(Franz Baldauf) 
    mpics observer team was led by Yeong Hee Lee, a university professor who heads the Paralympics for the bid and Hong Jae Lee, a member of PyeongChang?s Paralympic Technical Committee.

    For Jaca, the team for the Turin Paralympics included managing director Antonio Fernandez Arimany, consultant Ignasi Rodríguez and media chief Carlos Martin.

    No reliable information was available for the delegates from the four other 2014 applicant cities: Almaty, Borjomi and Sofia.

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