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  • 2014 Winter Bid Cities Meet in Turin


    (ATR) Officials from the seven cities hoping to bid for the 2014 Olympics are in Turin this weekend for a short seminar to prepare them for the observer program at the Turin Olympics and Paralympics next February and March.

    The cities will be given accreditations for staff to observe events in Turin, assuming submission to the IOC of the dossier required from the cities by Feb. 1.

    Next week the 2014 cities are expected to attend the assembly of the European Olympic Committee in Dublin. The meeting is the first international event that they have been permitted to attend as a group.

    In other developments from the 2014 cities, Antonio Fernandez Arimany has been named director general of Jaca's bid for the Games. He held a similar post with Madrid 2012 and prior to that was on the staff of Athens 2004.

    Other Madrid 2012 execs now on the staff of the Jaca bid are technical consultant Isidro Rigau and Carlos Martin as press chief.

    In PyeongChang, a new sports club for young people has been started with the goal of promoting the 2014 bid throughout Gangwon province.

    The Ban-B club is named after the Manchurian black bear, official mascot of the province.

    In addition to bid promotion, the club is supposed to identify and support young people who have a potential to excel in winter sports.

    In addition to Jaca and PyeongChang, the 2014 applicant cities include: Almaty, Kazakhstan; Borjomi, Georgia; Salzburg, Austria; Sochi, Russia; Sofia, Bulgaria.

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