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  • Almaty 2014 Olympics Bid in Newspaper


    Part of the ad for Big Sky Energy in the NY Times. 
    (ATR) The ice has been broken on the international campaign for the 2014 Olympics with an ad supporting Almaty's candidacy in Nov. 2 edition of the New York Times.

    The advertisement, placed by Big Sky Energy, an oil company with operations in Kazakhstan, mentions the name of the company on one side and on the other, "Supporting Almaty?s Bid for the 2014 Winter Olympics".

    According to the rules of the campaign for the 2014 Olympics, international promotion of this sort is not to be allowed until the candidature file is submitted in January 2007. Other prohibitions include the mention of an applicant city by name and the year for which the city is bidding.

    No comment yet from the IOC Ethics Commission, which has the job of overseeing the conduct of the 2014 campaign.

    The initial response from Almaty 2014 would seem to indicate that the ad was placed in the NY Times without the knowledge or involvement of the bid committee.

    Bid marketing director Victor Kim tells Around the Rings he was not aware of the ad, which he did not see until a copy was sent to him in Almaty.

    A representative in Big Sky's office in Canada says the ad was placed by the company's Almaty headquarters and that as far as she knew, the ad was an independent display of support for the bid and did not involve the bid committee.

    The advertisement was spread across the bottom of two pages of five-page advertising supplement in the Times for the nation of Kazakhstan, similar to supplements for other nations that appear occa
    The rest of the Big Sky Energy ad. 
    sionally in the newspaper. The advertisement was the only mention of the Olympic bid in the section, which included articles about the country?s economy and culture.

    Seven cities are in the running for the 2014 Games, all of them facing a Feb. 1 deadline to prepare their initial dossiers, information to be used by the IOC to decide which of the group will be invited to submit formal bids in June 2006.

    The seven cities, listed now in their official order of presentation, as determined in a random draw last week by the IOC:

    Sochi, Russia
    Salzburg, Austria
    Jaca, Spain
    Almaty, Kazakhstan
    Pyeongchang, South Korea
    Sofia, Bulgaria
    Borjomi, Australia

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