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  • On the Scene in Beijing -- Greenpeace Rates Cleanup, Samsung Phone Donation, Final Week for Torch Relay


    Chen Guoying, mayor of Tangshan, lit the cauldron at Caofeidian Island Hotel Square. (BOCOG)
    Final Relay Stop in Hebei Province

    The torch relay finished up in Tangshan today, greeted by the mayor Chen Guoying. Olympians Qian Hong, Niu Jianfeng, Yun Yanhong, and Wang Kenan were torchbearers. The relay was divided into two stages, one was a 2 kilometer stretch dedicated to promoting relief of the earthquake in the Sichuan Province. Tangshan is an industrial hamlet in the northeast of China. The torch will travel to the coastal town of Tianjin. The relay heads to earthquake stricken Sichuan province this weekend before wrapping up in Beijing.

    Greenpeace Applauds Environmental Improvements

    Greenpeace praises green moves in Beijing and calls on the IOC to make environmental pledges a binding part of a host city contract. (Getty Images)
    Greenpeace, the international environmental activism group says Beijing has improved its conservation efforts ahead of the Games. In a report called Lessons from Beijing, Greenpeace praised the city’s environmental initiatives. The report noted with pleasure Beijing’s increased use of energy efficient technologies and expanse of public transportation. “We are glad to see that Beijing has improved its infrastructure in preparation for the Olympics,” said a spokesman for the organization.

    Samsung Phones Donated to Oceania Athletes

    Samsung is helping 670 athletes stay connected from Beijing with family. The electronics giant and worldwide Olympic sponsor has donated the mobile phones to Olympians and Olympic officials from Oceania. Most of the phones are earmarked for members of the Australian and New Zealand delegations but 150 of the U900 mobiles will go to the remaining 13 countries in the region. Anne King, Executive Director of the Oceania Foundation said The mobile phone donation will give a huge boost to the region’s athletes – the Samsung U900 will let them record Olympic moments in both photo and video to take back home,” said King. The phones will be distributed at a ceremony in Beijing next week.

    Quote of the Day…

    “I was hoping to meet Ian Thorpe because he’s my hero, but I don’t think he’s coming anymore”.
    Malawi swimmer Charlton Nyirenda on sharing a pool with his idols.

    Written by Ed Hula III.

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