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  • Press Release -- Tokyo 2016 Unveils City’s Cultural Treasures at the Click of a Button


    Launch of innovative website showcases the Games at the Heart of City Life

    Tokyo, 31 July 2008 – Tokyo 2016 today opened a new window to the world, uniting a global community of online users with Tokyo’s vibrant city life through the launch of an innovative and user-friendly website, ‘Games at the Heart of City Life – Explore Tokyo 2016’, at

    In harmony with Tokyo’s commitment to staging the 2016 Olympic and Paralympic Games at the very heart of Japan’s dynamic capital, the website will invite the world to gain a unique insight into Tokyo’s environmentally conscious metropolis and explore some of the city's must-see hot spots at the click of a button.

    'Explore Tokyo’ will also be used as a source of information and education on Tokyo’s rich history, with an interactive tool allowing users to walk through distinct periods. This includes the birth of the new Golden era following the 1964 Olympic Games (1964 – 2008); and the opportunity to view Tokyo 2016’s plans for the greatest urban and environmental transformation ever seen, between now and 2016.

    Reigning Olympic champion judoka, Keiji Suzuki, and Olympic silver medallist marathon runner, Yuko Arimori, are amongst 70 of Japan’s most famous faces who will share their favourite insights and reveal some of Tokyo’s best-kept secrets. Sharing the Olympic spirit across the virtual community, Suzuki and Arimori will bring to life the city’s heady mix of attractions for millions of people across the world.

    Dr Ichiro Kono, Chairman and CEO of Tokyo 2016, said: “Tokyo is a dynamic and eclectic city known across the world for the way it unites heritage and innovation. Through the power of technology, we can reach a global audience and share the attractions that bring millions of visitors to our vibrant capital city each year. At Tokyo 2016 we are passionate about our city and we hope that the new website will encourage visitors to not only explore Tokyo online, but to come and experience first-hand what the city has to offer as our Bid to host a unique, compact 2016 Olympic and Paralympic Games at the very heart of Tokyo gains momentum.”

    The website, which is available in English, French and Japanese, will include information and images of some of Tokyo’s iconic landmarks, including the Kabuki-Za Theatre and the Shinto shrine, Meiji Jingu. Each month, the website will come alive with feature articles on Tokyo’s top entertainment destinations, shops and restaurants, and highlight upcoming cultural events and festivities for the benefit of Tokyo’s growing number of tourists.

    Boasting 150 restaurants with 191 Michelin stars – the most of any city – Tokyo has been recognised as one of the world’s gastronomic capitals. It was also acknowledged in June as the world’s third most liveable city by international lifestyle magazine, Monocle, who described Tokyo as a "dynamic city" where "transport runs with digital precision, people are mindful of others, and the crime rate is low".

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