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  • Around the Rings Newsmaker Breakfast -- Rogge Still Best Man for Job, IOC Members Say


    (ATR) Jacques Rogge remains the best man to lead the International Olympic Committee (IOC) through its future challenges,
    IOC members Prince Albert of Monaco, Nicole Hoevertzs of Aruba and Kai Holm from Denmark at the Around the Rings Newsmaker Breakfast. (ATR)
    three IOC members say. They appeared at the latest Around the Rings Newsmaker Breakfast at the McDonald’s on the Beijing Olympic Green.

    Rogge, who has been IOC president since 2001, has stated he will decide after the Beijing Games whether he plans to run for re-election for another four year term at the next IOC session in Copenhagen next year.

    “I can only say Jacques (Rogge) was the right person at the right moment and he still is, Danish IOC member Kai Holm said.

    “If he were to stand for re-election, in my opinion, there would [be] absolutely no one against him. So he’s the president for the next four years I think.”

    Aruba's IOC member, Nicole Hoevertzs, said she believes Rogge has continued the work of his predecessor, Juan Antonio Samaranch in reforming the IOC.

    “Juan Antonio Samaranch, I think, was really the person who reformed the IOC and made it what it is right now.

    “Jacques Rogge has taken over and changed it and put his style of management into place and he’s really good at that. So I really hope and trust that he will go for re-election.”

    Asked whether there were any suitable female candidates for the leadership, Hoevertsz, who has strongly supported the push for more women in the IOC membership, said, “absolutely.”

    Monaco IOC member Prince Albert said Rogge’s poise, determination and commitment have greatly benefited the organization.
    Prince Albert of Monaco: “President Rogge will continue to be our president for the next four years.”

    “He has made incredible advances for the IOC, he said.

    “President Rogge will continue to be our president for the next four years.”

    Prince Albert, Hoevertsz and Holm went on to share their opinions about the Games and the future of the IOC.
    Ed Hula (EH): What are your thoughts on the Beijing Games so far?

    Prince Albert (PA): My first impressions are very positive and I think our Chinese friends have made incredible efforts to make these Games successful.

    Obviously, in the first couple of days there are always some little glitches; but generally, the operations are running very well.

    Nicole Hoevertzs (NH): I agree with Prince Albert, the Games are going wonderfully well. The venues are what have impressed me the most.

    We’ve all been to several Games before and have seen beautiful stadiums, but what the Chinese and Beijing have done is really amazing.

    And I would like to highlight the volunteers. I think they are very well prepared. For them it’s really difficult because English is a language that they don’t command that well, but they’ve made an outstanding effort to welcome guests from all over the world.

    Kai Holm (KH): I’ve been around to the venues and they are absolutely world class, all of them. I’ve seen nowhere where they’re better, so it’s been stunning. At the same time they’ve kept all their promises concerning sports and everything.

    Should I say anything…we had some phony spectators, they sat around in small groups, some in yellow shirts, some in red shirts and so on. At least they could have put different colors on the shirts.

    They have one thing in common – they do not understand the rules of the Game they cheer and
    IOC member Nicole Hoevertsz: “We’ve all been to several Games before and have seen beautiful stadiums but what the Chinese and Beijing has done is really amazing.” (ATR)
    it’s a little bit funny. But that’s about the only thing.

    EH: Kai Holm, you’re leaving the IOC this year. What are your thoughts on what you think the IOC will have to do to make it better?

    KH: We had some very harsh rules placed upon us after the scandals of Salt Lake City and it gave some severe restrictions on how we were going to develop in the future.

    We have to loosen those rules. We have to adapt to the new future. As far as what’s happening right now – we are just in between being a business and a club and it doesn’t work in the long run. We have to sort that out.
    Prince Albert, Hoevertsz and Holm were the guests for the Aug. 15 Around the Rings Newsmaker Breakfast.

    The ATR Newsmaker Breakfasts present opinion-makers and leaders of the Olympic Movement in an informal, question and answer setting over coffee, juice and McDonald’s breakfast offerings. The breakfasts take place at the 2,000 square meter McDonald’s on the Olympic Green, the biggest in the world for the company.

    Three more programs are scheduled through the Beijing Olympics. A sponsor roundtable (Aug. 17), Sochi 2014 CEO Dmitry Chernyshenko (Aug. 19) and the four cities campaigning for the 2016 Olympics (Aug. 23).

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