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    (Los Angeles Times) BEIJING -– Representatives from five of seven sports being considered for inclusion in the 2016 Olympics spoke this week at a round table sponsored by the Around the Rings Olympic website.

    They spoke. I will interpret.


    Harvey Schiller, representing baseball: "We think it’s a sport that can help the Olympic movement achieve most of its goals."

    Interpretation: Yeah, if the Olympic goals include bean balls, guys running over catchers with nine-run leads and potential bench-clearing brawls.


    Ty Votaw, representing golf: "We think it is very consistent with Olympism."

    Interpretation: He’s right. If the Olympics is good enough for tennis, it should be good enough for golf. Plus, you can’t have a parade of the world’s greatest athletes without Tiger Woods.


    George Yerolimpos, representing karate: "In every corner of the planet we have a karate club."

    Interpretation: You mean karate is not an Olympic sport? Add it now. Ralph Macchio will thank you.


    Jahangir Kahn, representing squash: "The sport is played by an estimated 50 million people."

    Interpretation: So is Monopoly.


    Don Porter, representing softball: "We’re concentrating on certain countries to make our sports more universal."

    Interpretation: You should concentrate on moving the pitching mound back. Until there is more scoring, softball is too boring.

    -- Bill Plaschke

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