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  • Press Release: Rio 2016 Team Inspired By Asian Experience Reaching Out In Bali


     BALI, 21 October 2008  The President of the Brazilian Olympic Committee and IOC member, Mr. Carlos Nuzman, expressed his congratulations for hosting the first ever Beach Games to the members of the Olympic Council of Asia (OCA) today and explained how these Games and previous international sporting events held in the region have been inspirational in the development of his own country's bid to host the 2016 Olympic Games.

    Mr. Nuzman was joined by Rio 2016 Bid Committee members Carlos Roberto Osório, Secretary General, and Mario Cilenti, Head of International Relations, as well as Adriana Behar, Olympic Silver Medallist in beach volleyball in Sydney 2000 and Athens 2004, and a 6-time FIVB World Tour Champion.

    It is an honour to be in Bali at the OCA's General Assembly, especially at the time of your first ever Beach Games. I have fond memories of being here in 1995, as a President of the FIVB World Beach Volleyball Council explained Mr. Nuzman. Indeed, inspired by the initiative and possessing their own strong beach traditions, South America will be hosting the first Beach Games of the region in Uruguay in February 2009.

    Mr. Nuzman also emphasised the impact of the region's recent sporting achievements and the inspirational effect this has had for its own citizens and other nations worldwide. Here in Asia you have achieved so much. We are learning from your experiences; listening to you, and are preparing ourselves too. Beijing showed all of us the pride, joy and advancement that a nation experiences when they first host the Games. To have the Olympic Games in Brazil in 2016 would be the greatest honour, not just for us, but for all in South America, who would play host to the world's greatest event for the first time on our continent said Mr. Nuzman.

    Mr. Osório highlighted the city's valuable lessons learned from hosting the Pan Am Games in 2007 and the influence this has had in developing their plans for the 2016 Games. We are already creating a world-class Olympic Training Centre. This facility will provide training and research facilities to athletes in 22 sports. Today, we extend our invitation to all Asian NOCs to train in Rio. We want this Centre to be a legacy for Olympic sport across the world said Mr. Osório.

    Indeed, a Brazilian Games will catalyze the continuing social transformation of Rio and our nation. But it will also open up new markets to the Olympic Movement he said. Mr. Osório explained that similarly to many of Asian countries, Brazil has a large youth population that totals over 65 million under the age of 18. Hosting the Olympic Games in Rio could inspire and benefit these youth in such a way that no other event could and forever change the country while also inspiring youth in developed and developing nations around the world. We want a Rio Games to serve as a bridge to other countries that seek to host the Games for the first time. We will share our experiences readily and will prove that opening new countries to the Olympic Movement benefits all said Mr. Osório.

    Ms. Behar, one of Brazil's most renowned beach volleyball players, shared her unique experience at the Sydney and Athens Games with members and the influence these experiences have had with regards to her support for Rio's bid to host the 2016 Games. I come from a wonderful country. We are so rich in spirit and it would be wonderful to share the Olympics with athletes from around the world. I will tell you that my life has been changed a lot because of sport, and I'm so thankful for the work done and the many opportunities created. I want children playing sport to be inspired by the Olympic Games. It would be so incredible for my country, and it would be so incredible for my continent she said.

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