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  • Media Watch-Shadow Minister Weighs in, Suggestions to Save U.K. Taxpayers Money


     The Shadow Minister for the Olympics, Hugh Robertson, has an op-ed in the Telegraph saying sports legacy is what London 2012 needs to focus on.

    Jeremy Kirk says the London Games will be the most wired ever.

    A blog post for the U.K.’s Spectator magazine calls for an austere Olympics, similar to the 1948 Games.

    A letter to the editor in the Bolton News says the London Olympics should be placed on eBay to save British taxpayers money.

    The U.K.’s News & Star newspaper profiles British children who were inspired by boxer Ricky Hatton to compete in the Olympics.

    Australian news site LiveNews says the Olympics are the cause for China’s economic slowdown

    The Nation, Barbados’ leading newspaper, profiles the country’s efforts to have a table tennis team at the London Olympics

    Greg Hinz in Chicago Business News outlines what Chicago’s infrastructure needs for the Olympics and how the government would fund the redevelopment.

    Two stories about the USOC’s revenue sharing agreement with the IOC are making the rounds.
    The Associated Press says the long-term agreement with the IOC means the USOC is, at the very least, recession resistant.

    Meanwhile, the strength of the USOC’s contract is raising the ire of several IOC Members, according to Amy Shipley in the Washington Post

    Writing for the International Herald Tribune, Samuel Abt says even with all the recent doping scandals, the Tour de France is not the Comedie Francaise. 

    Trevor Grant writes in an opinion piece for the Melbourne Herald Sun that Lance Armstrong should “come clean," claiming the seven-time Tour champion might have doped in the past. 
    USA Today writes about the implications of Trevor Graham’s sentencing.

    A trio of doctors published an article in the medical journal Orthopedics about the “growing concern” of performance-enhancing drugs. 

    The Colorado Springs Gazette has a feature about how USADA is working with U.S. drug manufacturers to prevent the spread of performance-enhancing drugs.

    The Taipei Times
    says China's lax media rules are an empty gesture.

    Written by Ed Hula III and David Brunson.
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