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  • Chicago 2016 Officials Say Protesters Won't Hurt Bid


    Officials from Chicago 2016 say they're not worried about protesters when the International Olympic Committee visits. Members of the IOC are arriving in Chicago Thursday. Some groups plan to protest while the committee is here. But Chicago's bid chairman Pat Ryan says that's not going to shock Olympic officials.

    RYAN: People demonstrate in all cities. So the IOC is not unaccustomed to protesters. They --they wonder why there weren't any if there weren't.

    Ed Hula is editor of -- a website that covers the Olympics. Hula says it's not unsual to have protesters during an IOC evaluation.

    HULA: It's happened a few times and even in places where the games have eventually been awarded by the IOC.

    Multiple protests have been planned through the weekend. Some groups have opposed the city's bid completely. Others want to make sure Chicago residents benefit from the Games.