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  • Media Watch -- Chicago Gets Ready for IOC Visit; Kenya Looks for Support from Brazil


    Columnist for the The Chicago Tribune, Rick Morrissey says the IOC should take Chicago the way it is.

    The London Free Press has an article about the mystery surrounding the first Canadian athletics team at an Olympics.

    A Reuters article claims Chicago might have an advantage in the race to host the 2016 Olympics.

    Brazil is helping to develop football in Kenya, and the Kenyan government wants Brazil’s support for Kenya’s 2020 Olympic bid.

    Beijing Olympics receives 12 nominations for Sport Emmy Awards, according to Nellie Andreeva of Reuters.

    Newly-elected president of the Canadian Olympic Committee, Marcel Aubut is ready to get to work.

    Rob Hughes of The New York Times has an editorial on the latest soccer stadium collapse.

    Ahead of the IOC’s visit to Chicago to inspect the 2016 bid,anti-Olympic forces are joining together to protest the Games.

    Written by Isia Reaves and Ed Hula III.

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