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  • IOC Meets With No Games Chicago


    Members of No Games Chicago met today at the Fairmont Hotel with six representatives of the International Olympic Committee (IOC). Following a number of actions aimed at pressuring the IOC to take note of community disapproval of the bid, the thirty minute meeting occurred on the last day of the IOC’s review of Chicago as potential host city.

    As Lori Healy and Ron Huberman of the Chicago 2016 Bid Committee silently observed, No Games Chicago discussed the poor economic situation Chicago is in as potential host city, with astronomical budget deficits on the city and state levels (facts below). In addition, the notorious and publicly embarrassing corruption at various levels of Chicago and Illinois politics were discussed, as well as the long history of the mismanagement and cost overruns related to mega-construction projects, including Millenium Park, the Block 37 “super-station,” the CHA Plan for Transformation, Soldier Field, and more. No Games concluded their presentation by urging the IOC to read and consider Chicago Reader journalist Ben Joravsky’s An Open Letter to the IOC.

    The IOC representatives reportedly promised to read the article, listened intently, took copious notes and were very appreciative of the information shared. Also present were two members of Housing Bronzeville.

    Quick Facts:
    • The overall cost of London's 2012 Games has quadrupled, from an originally projected $2.35 billion pounds to $9 billion pounds, while the construction of the 2010 Vancouver Olympic Village athlete housing alone has put the entire City of Vancouver at risk of bankruptcy
    • The City of Chicago has pledged $500 million towards the Games as an emergency fund, despite running an approximate $200 million deficit; $461 million GBP of a similar fund set up in London for the 2012 Games was depleted in January 2009 to cover cost overruns there.
    • Despite an $11.6 billion deficit the State of Illinois has put $250 million of taxpayer dollars on the line for the games

    For more information, visit or contact Sarah Macaraeg at or 312-315-8476 to arrange an interview with No Games organizers.