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  • Spaniards Support Olympic Bid


    Increasing numbers of Spaniards are voting in favour of Madrid’s bid to host the 2016 Olympics, stating that it would be a positive move for the country.

    Madrid has been shortlisted as one of the candidates to host the 2016 Summer Games alongside Chicago, Tokyo and Rio de Janeiro. A recent poll published by the Madrid 2016 organising committee revealed that as much as 94 per cent of Spaniards are keen for the city to host the Games, which is an increase of two points from when it was issued six months ago. It is felt that opinion has been persuaded by the fact that the city showed positive signs of being chosen as the host for the 2012 Games, coming third overall.

    This has seen a rise of ten points in the number of Spaniards who feel that Madrid will be selected, to 75.5 per cent. However, specialist Olympic newsletter ‘Around the Rings’ has stated that Chicago is currently the favourite to host the Games, with Madrid posing the greatest threat, while Tokyo and Rio are trailing behind. The final decision lies with the International Olympic Committee and will be made in Copenhagen 2nd October.