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  • Rogge ready to stand down after London 2012


    Jacques Rogge said he is ready to stand down as president of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) following the 2012 London Olympics.

    “If re-elected, my term would last until 2013 and I would still have I think about nine years lease of life as an IOC member,” he told the AroundTheRings website.

    “But I think that would not be proper. I think when you have led an organisation, you become a past or honorary president. I think at the end of my term it will be time for me to resign from the IOC and for the IOC to decide what to do with me. I think the first quality of a past president is to shut up.”

    The former yachting Olympian and Belgian rugby union international has been IOC president since 2001 and is expected to be re-elected for another four-year term at the IOC Congress in Copenhagen in October.

    Rogge added that he thinks the London 2012 Olympics will succeed in its plans of a post-Games legacy.

    “The basics of the legacy are there. I think this is a tremendous legacy… the remediation of east London. There will be a great urban bricks-and-mortar legacy in terms of new affordable housing. And there will be an athletics stadium remaining with a good manageable capacity, so you will have possible sporting legacy.”

    “I believe in the effect of the intangible legacy – more popularity for sport, physical education and engagement in sport at the level of the British population. There will be a legacy of public transport that will remain. There will be no white elephants.”