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  • By the Book: 2016 Transport


    Bus and rail systems are included in plans for 2016 transport. In this installment of By the Book, Around the Rings presents a look at plans of Chicago, Madrid, Rio de Janeiro and Tokyo for the 2016 transport.


    • Authorities- Olympic Transport Command will oversee all airport, rail, bus and road operations within the Olympic theater during the Games.
    • Airport(s)- Chicago O’Hare, Chicago Midway
    • Motorway and Main Road Network- roads will have Olympic Lanes for permitted vehicles, local traffic will be directed to the 3,850 km of the city’s roads unaffected by Olympic Lanes
    • Public-Transport Network-bus shuttle system and 1146 km of rail


    • Authorities- Olympic Family Transport, Spanish government, regional government, city government
    • Airport(s)- Madrid Barajas Airport
    • Motorway and Main Road Network – 3,415 km of roads (938 km are high capacity roads, 148 km are toll motorways, 790 km are free highways)
    • Public-Transport Network- two complementary rail networks(metro/light rail and suburban rail) and two complementary bus networks (EMT and coaches)

    Rio de Janeiro

    • Authorities- Olympic Traffic and Transport Division as part of the Olympic Development uthority
    • Airport(s)- Antonio Carlos Jobim International Airport (Rio International Airport, GIG)
    • Motorway and Main Road Network- extensive and high-capacity network, Traffic and Transport Control Center will manage the motorway and main road network with continuous monitoring and rapid issue detection and resolution
    • Public Transport Network- primary network mass transit ring comprising metro and suburban railway, supplementary network of regular bus lines


    • Authorities- Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism / the Tokyo Metropolitan Government
    • Airport (s) – Narita International Airport, Tokyo International Airport (Haneda), Chubu International Airport (Centair), Kansai International Airport
    • Motorway and Main Road Network- 1,511 km (236 km of motorways and 1,275 km of major urban arterial network
    • Public Transport Network – large-scale extensive railway system with 1,054 km of tracks and 760 stations, 13 subway lines, 2,119  bus routes that cover 6,844 km.

    By the Book is a series of reports on the 2016 candidate cities, using information provided in the candidate file of each city.

    Edited by Isia Reaves

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