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  • Sochi CEO Present as IOC CoComm Ends


    Sochi 2014 organizing committee CEO Dmitry Chernyshenko (left) is leading a team of Sochi 2014 officials at the IOC Coordination Commission meetings in Vancouver. (ATR/B. Mackin)
     (ATR) Sochi 2014 organizing committee CEO Dmitry Chernyshenko is among those in attendance at the IOC Coordination Commission meetings, which are wrapping up in Vancouver on Wednesday.

    Cheryshenko is leading a team of officials from Sochi 2014 at the meetings, which are reviewing Vancouver’s preparations for the 2010 Winter Olympics.

    Just because Russia’s first Winter Olympics are more than four years away doesn’t mean life is easier for Chernyshenko than his counterparts at financially struggling Vancouver 2010.

    “We organizers, three organizing committees, are suffering at different stages of the preparation of the Games, everybody is suffering,” Chernyshenko said in Vancouver on Tuesday, also referring to London 2012. “Nobody knows how long this downturn will be lasting, we have to be very accurate and precise with spending the money.”

    Chernyshenko said much can be learned from Vancouver’s early planning and budgeting because “Vancouver did an enormous, great job and we were inspired by the successful marketing program.”

    Sochi has signed an impressive $650 million worth of sponsorship deals, including an Aug. 19-announced deal with Russian flag-carrying airline Aeroflot. Celebrations were short-lived because Sochi 2014 vice-president of games services and management
    From left, IOC officials Gilbert Felli , Rene Fasel and Gunilla Lindberg at the IOC Coordination Commission meetings.(ATR/B. Mackin)
    Bob Stiles died the next day at his Atlanta home.

    “We were brothers in arms with Bob, he was the author of our candidature file, our bid book,” he said. “He'd fallen in love in Guatemala, his wife was Russian. He'd become almost Russian, he started to speak Russian.

    “Now we're really suffering, not only mentally that we lost our friend, but also it's a big challenge for us as organizers.”

    Chernyshenko has no immediate plans to hire or appoint a replacement. An executive reorganization is more likely, he said.
    “Hardly we will be able to find the one experienced personality who will combine such competence and advantages,” he said.

    Chernyshenko’s trip to Vancouver included a meeting with VANOC ceremonies executive producer David Atkins to plan the eight-minute Vancouver handover to Sochi and promotional performance during the closing ceremony.
    Vancouver 2010 CEO John Furlong addresses the IOC Coordination Commission. (ATR/B. Mackin)

    Also at February’s Games, Sochi will unveil its logo at the Sochi 2014 Russia House in Science World.

    ”We have submitted to the IOC some preliminary design approaches, now we're waiting for the approval of the IOC,” he said.

    Mascots will be unveiled in 2012.

    Sochi is spending  $1 billion on venues and budgeting  $2 billion for operations. Another  $6 billion is going to public infrastructure. 

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