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  • By the Book: 2016 Medical


    Each bid city will provide free medical care for the Olympic and Paralympic Families. (Getty Images)
    Madrid and Tokyo will provide free repatriation for the Olympic and Paralympic families, but Madrid is the only bid city to provide free repatriation for spectators also. In this installment of By the Book, Around the Rings presents a look at plans of Chicago, Madrid, Rio de Janeiro and Tokyo for the 2016 medical.


    • 95 hospitals in region, 41 hospitals have sports medicine programs, 74 hospitals include orthopedic-specialty programs, five academic medical centers, three major national health care associations
    • CHICOG Medical Services Program will offer medical care free to all members of the Olympic Family and extensive medical services for spectators and the workforce during the Games
    • CHICOG will provide extensive care at all official venues for members of the Olympic Family, spectators and workforce
    • Investments: $7.4 billion for health care facilities with completion dates extending to 2011


    • 420 centers for primary care for entry into the system, 32 hospitals for specialized care, 33 specialist centers, 49 private hospitals and a military hospital
    • Madrid OCOG will provide the Olympic and ParalympicFamilies with complete free medical services and free repatriation. Free repatriation will also be provided to spectators.
    • Competition and non competition venues will have medical centers and on site ambulances at a permanent emergency service station.
    • Investments: construction of four hospitals and 55 health centers, improve existing hospitals, specialist and other health care centers

    Rio de Janeiro

    • Series of Primary Health Clinics, public hospitals, private hospitals, dedicated sports medicine and orthopedics hospital, state-wide 24-hour ambulance service, private ambulance services
    • The Olympic and Paralympic Families will have free access to the full range of clinical services.
    • Olympic and Paralympic venues will have an on-site medical response team. Competition venues and non-competition venues will have ambulances.
    • Investments: upgrades, $97.5 million towards the upgraded National Institute of Trauma and Orthopedics, construction of a Women’s Hospital


    • As of 2006, approximately 660 hospitals and approximately 23,000 clinics, 13 advanced treatment hospitals
    • Olympic and Paralympic Families and other accredited persons can obtain free comprehensive health care and free repatriation.
    • Medical stations at competition and training venues, IOC / IPC hotels and IBC / MPC, ambulances at competition venues
    • Investments: No investments need for the Games, but there are plans for $1.4 billion for medical facilities whether or not Tokyo hosts the Games.

    By the Book is a series of reports on the 2016 candidate cities, using information provided in the candidate file of each city.

    Edited by Isia Reaves

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