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  • By the Book -- 2016 Security


    Rio proposes the highest budget for security, while Chicago proposes the lowest. In this installment of By the Book, Around the Rings presents a look at plans of Chicago, Madrid, Rio de Janeiro and Tokyo for the 2016 security.


    · Security Authority: Chicago Olympic Public Safety Command (COPSC), includes the Chicago Police Department, Chicago Fire Department, the OEMC, the FBI, the U.S. Secret Service, the Federal Emergency Management Agency, the Illinois State Police, affected counties and CHICOG
    · Crime: Double-digit reduction in crime since 2001
    · Terrorism: COPSC will design security plans to deter, detect and respond to any potential threat to the Games. Chicago has not experienced a terrorist attack. The United States experienced a terrorist attack on September 11, 2001.
    · Number of security personnel: 48,000
    · Budget: $41.1 million (in USD-2008) / $48 million (in USD-2016)


    · Security Authority: local, regional and national governments, Integrated Security and Emergency Coordination Center of Madrid (CISEM), National Police and Civil Guard, Armed Forces, local police, fire brigade, health services, civil protection, private security companies
    · Crime: rate for Madrid and the sub cities are lower than for all other European capital cities
    · Terrorism: High Commission for Olympic Security will establish security mechanisms in the organization of the Games. Madrid experienced a terrorist attack on March 11, 2004.
    · Number of security personnel: 79,400
    · Budget: $110.7 million (in USD-2008) / $110.4 million (in USD-2016)

    Rio de Janeiro

    · Security Authority: Federal Government, National Public Security Secretariat (ENASP) of the Ministry of Justice
    · Crime: law enforcement agencies have crime reduction strategies that include a $3.35 billion Federal Government crime reduction program, reduction in gun-related crime since 2003
    · Terrorism: has one of the lowest terrorism risk profiles in the world, has never suffered an act of international terrorism. Intelligence communication between Brazilian agencies and foreign counterparts supplies information on any possible emerging international terrorism risks.
    · Number of security personnel: 60,770 / 14,200 (other regions)
    · Budget: $365.8 million (in USD-2008) / $813 million (in USD-2016)


    · Security Authority: Olympic Security Plan, Tokyo Metropolitan Government (TMG), National Police Agency, the Public Security Intelligence Agency, Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism, Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department, Tokyo Fire Department
    · Crime: 28 percent reduction in reported crimes over the past five years
    · Terrorism: has never a terrorist attack by any UN-designated international terrorist group, the National Government of Japan has partnered with the private sector to establish an anti-terrorism strategy
    · Number of security personnel: 36,150
    · Budget: $115.8 million (in USD-2008) 131.1 million (in USD-2016)

    By the Book is a series of reports on the 2016 candidate cities, using information provided in the candidate file of each city.

    Edited by Isia Reaves

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