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  • IOC Releases 2016 Olympic Report


    The IOC released its report on the four bids to host the 2016 Olympics. (Getty Images)
    (ATR) The IOC publishes its report on the four bids for the 2016 Olympics exactly one month before the Oct. 2 vote on the host city at the Session in Copenhagen.

    The IOC Evaluation Commission report, running to 100-plus pages, was posted to the IOC website at 1400 (CET).

    While not offering any major criticisms of the four cities, it details some plus points and possible concerns relating to the bids’ technical aspects such as financial guarantees, venues, transportation and accommodation plans.

    Leaders from Chicago, Madrid, Rio de Janeiro and Tokyo will react to the assessment of their strengths and weaknesses in the next hours after digesting the contents of the dossier.

    Madrid and Rio de Janeiro are staging press conferences Wednesday to comment on the report. Due to the time difference, Tokyo will not hold their briefing until 10am Thursday, while Chicago has not announced plans for a press conference.

    The bids will seize on any positives to provide invaluable momentum for their campaigns in the build-up to the IOC vote.

    Report Background

    The IOC Evaluation Commission chaired by Nawal El Moutawakel based its report on five-day visits to each of the cities in April and May. Chicago was first followed by Tokyo, Rio de Janeiro and Madrid.

    In the press conferences that followed the inspection tours, El Moutawakel offered no opinions on the downsides of the bid cities, saying any concerns would be highlighted in the evaluation commission’s report out today.

    El Moutawakel called Chicago
    Jacques Rogge said all four cities "are capable of hosting superb Games". (Getty Images)
    “vibrant” and Tokyo “dynamic”. She avoided words such as "passion" or "compact" in comments on the Rio project but was impressed with the unity of government support for the bid. The IOC member from Morocco praised the “concept and the vision” of Madrid’s bid but declined to say whether it was stronger than the Spanish capital’s 2012 candidacy.

    Since the IOC inspections, the four bid cities have stepped up their campaigns. At an IOC bid city briefing in Lausanne in June, they put their cases to a gathering of IOC members – a majority of the 108 members voting in the secret ballot next month attended the summit.

    IOC President Jacques Rogge hailed the success of the bid city briefings, the first time the format has been tried in the build-up to any vote for a host city. He said it allowed “for an in-depth discussion on issues that would not necessarily come up in formal presentations at the IOC Session.”

    “I can say very clearly the four bid cities are capable of hosting superb Games,” he said.

    The four bids have also taken their campaigns to world championships in swimming, athletics, judo and boxing over the past two months.

    In a first for any Olympic bid race, the cities last month were allowed to promote their bid plans to the general public at a major international sport event, the IAAF world championships in Berlin. The cities staged 5 meter by 10 meter booths in the sponsor village and marketplace located outside the Olympic Stadium.

    With reporting from Mark Bisson.

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