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  • Golden 25 -- Sepp Blatter


    FIFA President Sepp Blatter #1 (ATR)
    Sepp Blatter, FIFA President #1

    FIFA President Blatter leads the sports event of the year, the 2010 World Cup in South Africa. How the World Cup unfolds will tell whether South Africa is in the running to be considered for the Olympics, perhaps in 2020. That question could dominate the race for those Games – eclipsing Rio de Janeiro’s call for the first Games in South America. The Olympic World may be rooting for World Cup that opens the door to the first Games in Africa. And if 2010 is a success, Blatter could be an influential voice on the road to 2020.

    Blatter, 73, has served as an IOC member since 1999 and plans to seek a fourth term as FIFA President in 2011.
    "I've not finished my mission in football yet," said Blatter earlier this year about his plans.

    "I need more time. I hope that in 2011 the FIFA Congress once more has faith in me. Otherwise I'll go back to my village. Football is my life."

    While Blatter is a regular at IOC Sessions, he’s not much of an overt influence on IOC issues – except on football matters, such as the sticky question of limits on players older than 23
    Blatter plans to seek a fourth term as FIFA President in 2011. (Getty Images)
    in the Olympic tournament. And, quite possibly, on the chances for South Africa to win the 2020 Olympics.

    Blatter has proved to be a tenacious survivor throughout his FIFA career whether the spectacular crash of FIFA marketing partner ISL and subsequent scandal - or the spectacular crash of his Mercedes in a tunnel near Berne a year ago.

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