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    The 1992 Albertville gold medal features Lalique crystal. The medal is worth an estimated has an estimates $27,500. (Getty Images)
    Winner's Medals Highlight for Auction

    Seldom-seen winner's medals from Albertville and Lillehammer highlight Ingrid O'Neil's 61st auction of Olympic memorabilia. The 791-item auction closes Jan. 16.

    The Albertville medal is a gold from the luge men's doubles event - though sport names were not engraved on medals at the 1992 Winter Games. It is considered one of the most beautiful Olympic medals because it features Lalique crystal.

    The sport is not engraved on any Albertville medals. The
    gold comes with its gray leatherette case - a bonus for medal collectors - and has an estimate of $27,500.

    The Lillehammer medal is also from luge men's doubles, but is a bronze. It includes Norwegian sparagmite stone and has the sport pictogram based on prehistoric drawings. It has no box and has an estimate of $19,500.

    O'Neil does not usually disclose the provenance of medals in her auctions. The German team of Stefan Krausse and Jan Behrendt won the gold in 1992 and bronze in 1994, although duplicate winners medals are sometimes released into circulation.

    A rare Polytechnic Committee Olympic Games badge for the 1908 London Olympics is the top item for badge collectors. The shield-shaped badge is gold-plated bronze with red enamel.

    The Polytechnic Committee organized the marathon at the Olympics, where Italy's Dorando Pietri was famously helped across the finish line and later disqualified. The estimate is $8,500.

    For the 50th anniversary of the 1960 Squaw Valley Olympics, O'Neil offers a silver winner's medal that was un-awarded for $7,500. On the lower end, a small official logo pin is $75.

    The 30th anniversary of the 1980 Lake Placid Olympics is represented by a participation medal for $350, pewter sculptures depicting alpine skiing, bobsled, ice hockey, speed skating and Nordic skiing for $125 each and a full
    ticket for the USA-Finland game that assured the U.S. team of the gold medal for $250.

    Football/soccer collectors may be interested in FIFA World Cup trophies presented to officials in 1974 in Germany and 1998 in France. The 1974 trophy has an estimate of $2,500 and the 1998 trophy is at $2,250.

    Bids below 90 percent of estimate are generally not accepted and there is a 15 percent premium added to winning bids.

    For information, or to download a copy of the auction catalog, go to

    Cologne, Germany will host the 2010 Olympic Collectors Fair at the German Sports and Olympic Museum from April 16-18. (Getty Images)
    Collectors' Fair Set for Cologne

    The 2010 Olympic Collectors' Fair will be held on April 16-18 at the German Sports and Olympic Museum in Cologne, Germany. The event will be held in conjunction with the German Sports and Olympic Collectors (IMOS) Fair
    normally held each year at the Museum.

    The 2009 Collectors' Fair was in Warsaw, Poland.

    The German Sports and Olympic Museum is located in a very picturesque setting on the banks of the Rhine, and is next door to a chocolate museum, making the area attractive to visitors.

    Collectors from around the world usually attend the Olympic fair, where dozens of dealers display their wares.

    Top Ten Places for Vancouver Pin Trading

    The Vancouver-based Pacific Pin Club offers its top ten list of places for pin trading during the Olympics next month. For more details about the club, see

    The list:

    1. SkyTrain, Surrey and West Vancouver

    2. LiveCity Vancouver: Downtown and Yaletown

    3. Coca-Cola Official Pin Trading Centres at Hbc, YVR and CTV

    4. The Richmond OZone, Richmond

    5. Main Media Centre, Vancouver

    6. GE Plaza, Robson Square, Vancouver

    7. Olympic and Paralympic Village, Vancouver

    8. Whistler Medals Plaza

    9. 2010 Aboriginal Pavilion

    10. BC Place Stadium

    Written by Karen Rosen.

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