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  • Olympic Newsdesk -- IOC Expects "High Quality" Nanjing YOG; Buenos Aires for 2013 Session


    Executive director for the Olympic Games Gilbert Felli said the IOC expects a “high quality” Youth Olympic Games in Nanjing. (ATR)
    Nanjing for 2014 YOG

    The IOC said it expects a “high quality” Youth Olympic Games in Nanjing, China in 2014.

    Nanjing was elected at the IOC Session in Vancouver Wednesday, edging Poznan, Poland by five votes, 47 to 42.

    At a press conference following vote IOC executive director for the Olympic Games Gilbert Felli said with the selection of Nanjing as the 2014 YOG host, a high standard is requested but “the standard we request is not the same” for an Olympics. In fact some of the venues Nanjing proposed were too large for a YOG and the IOC requested smaller venues to ensure a good atmosphere for the Games.

    Leaders of the Nanjing bid greet Chinese supporters from Vancouver outside the IOC hotel Wednesday. (ATR)
    Felli was joined by Zhu Shenlu, party secretary of Nanjing, and Liu Peng, Chinese Olympic Committee president.

    He added that the YOG must be about the young athletes, teaching them about different cultures and helping to fight obesity.

    Nanjing will follow Singapore as the YOG host, which will hold the inaugural games in August. Felli says the choice of back-to-back Asian Games hosts proves the Olympic movement is “past the boundaries of Europe”.

    Responding to a question about unfettered internet access in China, an issue at the Beijing Olympics, Felli said “we will have all the necessary tools” to follow the YOG but could not guarantee unrestricted internet.

    “It is not at the same level as we expect for the Olympics” Felli said.

    He hinted that political forces could bring free internet to China but that “is not a task” for the Olympics.

    Buenos Aires Hosts 2013 IOC Session

    The IOC Session meets until Wednesday. (ATR)
    The next president of the IOC as well as the host of the 2020 Olympic Games will be selected at the IOC Session in Buenos Aires.

    The IOC chose the Argentina capital for the Session over Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia by a 58 to 31 vote.

    Figures from the IOC show that the cost to the IOC for airfare and accommodations in Buenos Aires will reach $3.9 million, while the costs for Kuala Lumpur were estimated at $3.4 million.

    An analysis of security for the two candidates indicated a low risk for Buenos Aires and a medium risk for Kuala Lumpur.

    Dates of the 2013 IOC Session are to be determined.

    Written by Ed Hula III.

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