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    (ATR) Media, athletes and the mixed zone, Tiger Woods’ apology and Michael Phelps are among the topics making news from Vancouver at news outlets around the world. Here’s a look at international media coverage of the 2010 Games in this Vancouver Media Watch.

    Salt Lake Tribune writer says NBC has taken fun out of watching Olympics.

    Seattle Post columnist says Steve Kelley comments on figure skater Evan Lysacek win over Evgeni Plushenko. Kelley: "The better artist beat the better athlete."

    Tiger Woods 'apology verse the Winter Game.

    USA Today's Christine Brennan says Lysacek's 71-year old coach Frank Carroll waited a long time for Olympics gold.

    The mixed-zone full of media might be more grueling than competition.

    Many biathletes have experience military training, reports the New York Times

    The half pipe came together in the two months prior to the Games, reports David Warton on the LA Times.

    Detroit Free-Press writer Jo-Ann Barnas is not surprised by the warm weather in Vancouver.

    "Michael Phelps is a fish out of water" says the Associated Press about his appearance in Vancouver.

    Time Magazine asks "why would anyone want to be an Olympic Volunteer?"

    Apolo Ohno helps Vancouver’s NBC ratings surpass Torino’s.


    Montreal Gazette writer says woolen mittens are hottest Olympic item.

    Russian Olympic Committee president Leonid Tyagachyov could lose his job if Russia does not start winning more medals, reports the Moscow Times.

    Great Britain
    British Skier Ellie Kouyander writes about her experience in Vancouver.

    The London Times explores the "top secret" world of Canadian sports development.

    Lawrence Donegan writes that of the gold medals, Canada wants to win men's hockey the most.

    Sydney Morning Herald columnist Greg Baum recaps the first week including problems. Still, he has an overall good impression of the games except with the national pride of Canadians. Baum: "The only distasteful bi-product is a galloping jingoism. It is impossible to turn on the television without seeing another replay of the gold medal performances of moguls skier Alexandre Bilodeau or snowboarder Maille Ricker, and another exclamation about 'this great country.' But Australians can scarcely complain."

    Irish Examiner columnist says Canada has shown patriotism.

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