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  • Vancouver View - Millions of Mittens; Plushenko Creates Medal


    Only children’s sized Olympic mittens remained in the Vancouver Superstore. ATR)
    Three Million Mittens Not Enough

    More than 3 million pairs of the Vancouver Olympic mittens have been sold; the entire inventory of the Hudson Bay Company’s Olympic superstore in Vancouver.

    On Wednesday, only children’s sizes remained of the hand warmers and Dana Hall, the superstore director, told Around the Rings, she expects those to begone shortly.

    “We did have our final shipment, and my prediction is that all these children’s mittens will be gone tonight” she said.

    The original order of mittens was for one million mittens. To keep up with demand, the Hudson Bay Company had to order more and ship extras in from stores that don’t have “the velocity” of the Vancouver Superstore.

    Oprah gave the mittens’ popularity a boost when they made an appearance on her T.V. show.
    Eyvgeny Plushenko’s Web site originally said he won “Platinum of Vancouver”, even though he finished fourth in men’s figure skating. (ATR)

    Plushenko Awards Himself Medal

    After being shut out of the gold medal in the men’s figure skating competition in Vancouver, Russian Evgeni Plushenko has given himself a medal--one better than gold.

    On his Web site early Tuesday, Plushenko proudly proclaimed he won the “Platinum of Vancouver”. The “medal” is next to the two real medals he won in Turin and Salt Lake. The title is now removed but the new medal is still there.

    In reality, Plushenko finished fourth. However, he criticized the caliber of judging and gold medalist Evan Lysacek for not attempting a quad.

    Closing Ceremony Rehearsal

    An empty B.C. Place allowed for VANOC to conduct a full scale rehearsal for the closing ceremonies.

    VANOC spokeswoman Renee Smith-Valade confirmed the rehearsal at today’s VANOC press briefing. She said “portions” of the ceremony are being rehearsed during the day.

    B.C. Place’s dual role as medals plaza and ceremony venue means rehearsals have to be done during times when the stadium isn’t used as the medal’s plaza.

    Lane Violation Costs 10,000 Meter Gold

    Dutchman Sven Kramer set an Olympic record in the men’s 10000m, but was disqualified due to a lane violation.

    Sven Kramer was disqualified from the men’s 10000m for a lane violation. (Getty Images)
    completed the race in 12:54.50 over Seung-Hoon Lee of Korea. Lee won the gold due to the disqualification.

    Ivan Skobrev of Russia and Bob de Jong of the Netherlands won silver and bronze respectively.

    Mounties Guard Cauldron

    Vancouver’s Olympic Cauldron got a splash of color Tuesday morning as 33 Royal Canadian Mounted Police paraded their horses along Canada Place to Jack Poole Plaza. Once in the plaza, the Mounties lined up against the restraining fence with the flame as the background.

    The normal crush of the crowd at the Flame seemed to grow even larger at the opportunity to see the colorful display. Two Mounties brought their horses forward to speak to spectators about the RCMP program, allowing a few to pet the animals’ noses.

    The Mounties had their early beginnings in the 1800’s as the Royal Northwest Mounted Police. Today’s RCMP serve for two years and are chosen from regular police officers who apply for the prestigious posting.

    Written by Ed Hula III.

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