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  • Vancouver Media Watch: World Praises the Games


    (ATR) The Winter Games that started under a cloud of tragedy now receive praise from media outlets around the world. In London, Olympic leaders want to capture the spirit of Vancouver 2010 when they host the games in 2012. Meanwhile, U.S. columnists debate the legacy of the Games while Russians deal with its fall from the podium.


    British Olympics Minister Tessa Jowell writes that she struck high level of enthusiasm in Vancouver. Jowell says the "first lesson for London, bottle this enthusiasm, give it a British twist and let it go at London 2012."

    Lawrence Donegan, the same columnist that called the Vancouver Games the "the worst Games ever," now says the London 2012 needs to capture the spirit that Vancouver had throughout the 16 days.

    Colin Horgan writes that the Games gave the "No Fun City" a taste of what it means to be first class.

    Jame Lawton thinks that British athletes at London 2012 should perform like Canadians did at Vancouver 2010.

    Rick Broadbent of the London Times says "ultimately, these have been great Games where sport has ridden roughshod over the problems. They started with a human tragedy and ended in sporting catharsis."

    United States
    The New York Times reviews the best and worst moments of the Games.

    Despite a shaky start, the Vancouver 2010 Games turned worked out ok says Baltimore Sun writer Candus Thomson who has covered five Olympics including four Winter Games.

    CNN's Steve Almasy
    says the Winter Games show the resiliency of Canadians.

    Howard Bryant of ESPN says the Winter Games are relevant again in the US. Bryant writes " somehow over the past two and a half weeks, America came together over an event that seemed to have lost a fair amount of its punch."

    Seattle Post columnist Ronn Judd writes "in the end, the Games that began with tears and anguish ended on an upbeat, celebratory note — "With Glowing Hearts," as the Games slogan said. It was no small feat, and a credit to the strong Olympics ethic that's clearly alive and well to the north."

    Christine Brennan of USA Today says the Games belonged to North America but legacy may be the death of Georgia luger Nodar Kumar Kumaritashvili. Brennan says "all the laughter in the world, however, couldn't shake the memory of the tragic death of Georgian luger Nodar Kumaritashvili before the Olympics began, triggering questions about safety and speed that rightly accompanied these Olympic Games every step of the way. This will be part of the enduring legacy of the 2010 Games, just as the 1996 Atlanta Olympics will always have to deal with the deadly bombing in Centennial Park."

    What are the final words from the athletes? Mike Lopresti compiles some interesting quotes.

    Canadians had a good reason to sing O Canada after beating the USA in hockey on Sunday.

    National Public Radio reviews humor of the closing ceremony.

    Russian President Dmitry Medvedev
    is calling on Russian Olympic leaders to resign after Russia's Olympic performance.

    Russian athletes underperformed in Vancouver, according to many news outlets including Time Magazine in the U.S.

    Alexander Gorbunov of RIA Novosti says poor training equals bad performance for Russian Olympians.


    Finland Olympic leaders are upset about their Olympians performance in Vancouver.

    New Zealand

    David Leggat writes that the New Zealand Olympic Committee wasted money sending athletes to Vancouver. Leggatt writes that the Olympics for New Zealanders "was largely disappointing, not for a failure to get remotely close to medals, which in the main is unrealistic. More for inability to perform to a standard which justified spending public money on their behalf. "

    New Zealand Olympians need to put on a better showing according to New Zealand Herald.


    The Games were a success for Australia, reports Dan Silkstone of The Age.

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