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  • Media Watch: Canadians Celebrate Games, Ponder Legacy


    (ATR) There is new sense of national pride in Canada following the Vancouver Winter Games. How long will the Olympic euphoria last? Columnists want Canadians to "Own the Podium" in other areas beside sports.

    Vancouver Sun

    The Olympics leave European sports columnists blushing.

    Sydney Crosby put an exclamation point on the Vancouver 2010 Games says columnist Cam Cole.

    Daphne Bramham says the death of Georgian luger Nodar Kumaritashvili will be a tough Olympic legacy for Vancouver to shake.

    Terry Bell grades Canadian Olympians. Most sports met expectations.

    Ottawa Citizen

    It is time to Own the Podium in other areas besides sports writes columnist Randall Denley.

    Liberal Party leader Michael Ignatieff says it is time for Canadians to feel the competitive attitude in the world. Ingnatieff writes, "the Games leave Canada a much more confident and competitive country. We showed we can be really competitive, sure, but in a Canadian way."

    National Post

    Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper used the Olympic spotlight to capture positive attention, according to National Post editor Kelly McParland.

    Bruce Arthur
    says the Winter Games brought Canadians together.

    The Toronto Star

    British and Russians complain about performance.

    Leslie Scrivener
    wonders how long the Olympic euphoria will last in Canada.

    The ending of the Olympic
    s for the U.S. audience came abruptly with the premiere of the Marriage Ref on NBC.

    Toronto Sun

    An opinion article says the NHL should send its players to Sochi in 2014.

    Mindelle Jacobs
    says the Olympics brought the perfect mix of Canadian politeness and national pride.

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