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  • Olympic Newsdesk -- Expert Says Olympics Impact Housing Rights; Lula Rejects Criticisms


    Protesters in Vancouver complained about the impact of the Olympics on housing. (Getty Images)
    UN Investigator: “Mega-Events” Violate Human Rights

    The UN Special Rapporteur on adequate housing says “mega-events” such as the Olympics and World Cup violate human rights for adequate housing.

    “I am particularly concerned about the practice of forced evictions, criminalization of homeless persons and informal activities, and the dismantling of informal settlements in the context of mega-events,” says Raquel Rolnik in a statement.

    Rolnik claims she has received complaints about housing violations ahead of this summer’s World Cup in South Africa. The South African government refuted the allegations.

    She advised the IOC and FIFA to “evaluate the bid candidatures against compliance with international standards on the right to adequate housing and to guarantee that only those in conformity with those standards are selected.”

    Lula Blasts Critics
    Brazilian president Luis Inacio Lula da Silva fired back at criticisms that the 2016 Olympics are a waste of money. (Getty Images)
    Brazilian president Luis Inacio Lula da Silva fired back at criticisms that the country is wasting money on the Olympics.

    According to the Associated Press, Lula said on Monday: "despite the servile thinking from a portion of the Brazilian elite", the selection of Rio de Janeiro to host the 2016 Olympics has helped Brazil.

    Lula said the 2016 Games are "one more step in the esteem of the Brazilian people."

    IIHF Scraps European League

    The International Ice Hockey Federation scrapped plans to re-launch the European Champions Hockey League this year due to lack of a viable long-term plan.

    The Champions Hockey League played its first season in 2008-09 but ceased operation after lack of financial support. Late last year, IHHF empowered Infront Sports & Media to develop the re-launch of the league. Plans called for teams from leagues in Czech Republic, Finland, Germany, Russia, Slovakia, Sweden and Switzerland to play in the league.

    However, negations to re-launch fell apart over lack of long-term commitments from the league, according to a release from IHHF.

    “We deeply regret that we had to take the decision to discontinue our efforts for a CHL re-launch due to a lack of a clear long-term commitment from the leagues and clubs, which has always been a precondition for the success of this league," said IHHF President René Fasel.

    "It is impossible to build an international league in an economically sustainable way without stable backing. Although the new proposal is fairly balancing risk and return for all parties, a few members of the European ice hockey family do not share our long-term vision. "

    Paul Drayton, Tokyo Gold Medalist, 70

    Paul Drayton, a gold and silver medalist at the 1964 Tokyo Olympics, died of cancer last Tuesday in his hometown of Cleveland.

    Drayton won gold in the 4x100m relay, and silver in the 200m sprints, running for the United States.

    "Paul was one of the very best sprinters of his day, if not the best” said one of his Olympic teammates, Frank Budd.

    A funeral is scheduled for St. Cecilia's Church in Cleveland on Wednesday.

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