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    YOG Update: Kuwait, Tickets

    The IOC clears the way for Kuwaitis to compete at the Youth Olympic Games in August, despite the suspension of the Kuwait Olympic Committee.

    IOC spokesman Mark Adam says Kuwait athletes will be able to go to Singapore and compete under the Olympic flag.

    “Kuwait remains suspended,” at least until “ongoing issues” with the government are solved, said Adams.

    Kuwait was suspended by the IOC last year for government interference in the affairs of the NOC.

    With 53 days to go to the first-ever Youth Games - to be held Aug 14-26 - preparations are well on track, said Singapore 2010 Chairman Ser Miang Ng.
    “We’re happy that things are on track and on time,” NG said, adding that tickets for the swimming and gymnastics competitions are already sold out.

    “It’s amazing to see what they did in two years,” said Olympic Games Executive Director Gilbert Felli, referring to Singapore 2010 officials who worked on the YOG since it was awarded in 2008.

    Olympic Day in Lausanne

    The IOC Executive Board
    IOC President Jacques Rogge with members of the Women and Sport Commission. (ATR)
    ends its two-day meeting in Lausanne with a joint meeting with the IOC Women and Sport Commission.

    Wednesday evening the IOC will mark Olympic Day, June 23, with the awarding of the 2010 Women and Sport trophies. Five winners will be named, one from each continent.

    Mid-afternoon, IOC President Jacques Rogge will hold a press conference at the conclusion
    Annecy to hold Olympic Day concert at its lakeside park. (ATR)
    of the EB meeting.

    2018 Bids Mark Olympic Day

    2018 Winter Olympic candidate city Annecy holds a concert Wednesday night in the city park alongside Lake Annecy to celebrate Olympic Day. Annecy, though named a candidate city Tuesday by the IOC, was told to revamp its venue plan to remain in the race.
    PyeongChang, selected along with Munich as the other two finalists in the 2018 contest, took part in a Olympic Day 5k fun run June 20. Staff from the bid along with bid supporters were among the 3,000 runners at the Olympic Park in Seoul.
    Olympic Day commemorates the founding of the IOC on June 23, 1894.

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