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  • FIBA announces referees for 2010 FIBA World Championship


    The referees for the 2010 FIBA World Championship in Turkey have been named and will gather in Istanbul ahead of the start of the tournament for a two-day clinic, FIBA announced on Wednesday.

    A total of 40 referees from 30 different countries across five continents will make their way to Ankara, Istanbul, Izmir and Kayseri for the First Round of the 2010 FIBA World Championship.

    "This is the leading international basketball tournament in the world and brings together the best players and teams from around the globe. We also make sure to select the very best officials and referees," said FIBA Sports Director Lubomir Kotleba.

    "These are the best referees from around the world literally. They have proven themselves in the domestic leagues in their own countries as well as in the international championships of their continents and previous FIBAWorld Championships and Olympic Games".

    The referees will all come together in Istanbul on 26th-27th August for a two-day clinic devoted to ensuring that they are all familiar with the latest points of emphasis in officiating as well as to unify all criteria of officiating and to work on their mechanics, making sure they know exactly where they should be positioned on the court at all times. The clinic will finish with all of them undergoing a physical fitness test.

    For the first time at a senior FIBA World Championship event, instant replay technology will be available to referees to help determine if a last second shot at the end of a period was made within the playing time or not.

    The use of this technology was approved by FIBA in April 2006, but did not come into effect until after that year's World Championships for Men and Women. It has been used at the Olympic Games as well as all FIBA continental championships.

    The 40 referees and eight supervisors and commissioners are listed by First Round groups.

    GROUP A (Kayseri)
    Referee Supervisor: Miguel BETANCOR (FIBA Europe)
    Commissioner: Mohamad Kassem DA'ADOUCH (UAE)
    Referees: Samir ABAAKIL (MAR)
    Juan ARTEAGA (ESP)
    Murat BIRICIK (TUR)
    Jose Anibal CARRION (PUR)
    Guerrino CEREBUCH (ITA)
    William Gene KENNEDY (USA)
    Olegs LATISEVS (LAT)
    Longsheng QIAO (CHN)
    Eddie VIATOR (FRA)

    GROUP B (Istanbul)
    Referee Supervisor: Costas RIGAS (GRE)
    Commissioner: William Stanley MILDENHALL (AUS)
    Referees: Recep ANKARALI (TUR)
    Romualdas BRAZAUSKAS (LTU)
    David CHAMBON (FRA)
    Carlos José JULIO (ANG)
    Jose MARTIN (ESP)
    Reynaldo Antonio MERCEDES SANCHEZ (DOM)
    Stephen SEIBEL (CAN)

    GROUP C (Ankara)
    Technical Delegate: Lubomir KOTLEBA (FIBA)
    Commissioner: Reuven VIROVNIK (ISR)
    Referees: Ilija BELOSEVIC (SRB)
    Scott Jason BUTLER (AUS)
    Marwan EGHO (LIB)
    Pablo Alberto ESTEVEZ (ARG)
    Vitalis Odhiambo GODE (KEN)
    Cristiano Jesus MARANHO (BRA)
    Sasa PUKL (SLO)
    Fernando ROCHA (POR)
    Hector SANCHEZ (VEN)

    GROUP D (in Izmir)
    Referee Supervisor: Anibal GARCIA (FIBA Americas)
    Commissioner: Krzysztof KORALEWSKI (POL)
    Referees: Heros AVANESIAN (IRI)
    Michael AYLEN (AUS)
    Anthony Dewayne JORDAN (USA)
    Srdan DOZAI (CRO)
    Juan Jose FERNANDEZ (ARG)
    Milivoje JOVCIC (SRB)
    Luigi LAMONICA (ITA)
    Borys RYZHYK (UKR)
    Jorge VAZQUEZ (PUR)
    Jakub ZAMOJSKI (POL)

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