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  • Innsbruck YOG Unveils Pictograms; Ski Jump Venue


    Innsbruck 2012 CEO Peter Bayer (far left) with Werner Friesser, major of Seefeld, Seefeld tourism board chairman Fritz Kaltschmid and Tyrolean vice governor Hannes Gschwentner at the pictogram unveiling. (Innsbruck 2012)
    (ATR) Organizers of the 2012 Winter Youth Olympic Games in Innsbruck unveiled the pictograms that will represent the 15 sport disciplines of the Games.

    The unveiling came Tuesday night, at the opening of the Toni-Seelos ski jump venue in Seefeld.

    In a statement, Games organizers said “The angular form of the figures contributes to the uniqueness and vitality of the pictograms. As for the colouring, a bright blue was chosen as it mirrors the sports section of the Innsbruck 2012 website. Each pictogram, through its quadratic shape is equivalent to one pixel and the Youth Games motto ‘Be a part of it!’ incorporates each of the Olympic sports into the Games.”

    Ski jumping was the only sport that needed venue renovation before the Games. All others were built prior to Innsbruck’s selection as a 2014 host city.

    All Nordic events will take place in Seefeld.

    “This region, with its two new jumps (HS109 and HS75) and new ski rolling route, as well as the existing Biathlon site, creates the perfect environment for further achievements in sporting history” organizers said.

    One example of sport history that will take place at the venue, is the first Olympic women’s ski jumping program.

    Every winter Olympic sport will be contested at the YOG.

    The Games are scheduled for Jan. 13 – 22.

    Written by Ed Hula III.

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