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  • Golden 25 - British Olympic Leaders for # 17


    Craig Reedie (ATR)
    Sitting on the IOC Executive Board, Craig Reedie will play a key role in representing London's interests in the build-up to the Olympics.

    His close co-operation with 2012 chiefs and IOC co-com chairman Denis Oswald will smooth any IOC worries on ticketing, transport and security, three of the issues in the spotlight in the coming year.

    Reedie, 69, was elected to the IOC in 1995 and also serves on the Ethics Commission and the board of the World Anti-Doping Agency.

    For Colin Moynihan, chair of the British Olympic Association, preparation of Team GB athletes is one of his priorities in 2011.

    He also has an important role on London's Olympic Board, the body with oversight, strategic coordination and monitoring of the entire 2012 Games project.

    Moynihan faces an early challenge in 2011 – coming to a decision on whether the BOA has the means to host the 2012 general assembly of the Association of National Olympic Committees. The massive meeting, drawing hundreds of delegates from the world’s 205 NOCs, costs
    Colin Moynihan (ATR)
    millions to host. In a Summer Olympic year the meeting is traditionally held in the host city for the Games.

    Another ANOC assignment will also keep Moynihan busy, heading the newly created commission for Collaboration Between NOCs and Governments.

    Moynihan, 55, was a silver medalist in rowing at the Moscow 1980 Olympics. He succeeded Reedie as BOA chair in 2005.

    Reedie 2010 Ranking – 24
    Moynihan not ranked

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