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  • Golden 25 -- #10 Denis Oswald, #11 Nawal El Moutawakel


    Denis Oswald (ATR)
    Denis Oswald, #10, London Olympics Inspector

    Oswald keeps an eye on London for the IOC as the organizing committee shifts from planning to operation in the coming year.

    Oswald has chaired the London coordination commission since the city was chosen in 2005, following on from his stewardship of the IOC panel for Athens 2004.

    The first test events will be a major concern for Oswald in 2011. And as a federation president, he is likely to take particular interest in the junior rowing world championships FISA will stage at the Olympic venue of Eton Dorney.

    In his role as president of the Association of Summer Olympic International Federations, Oswald has been a strident lobbyist to secure more money for the federations and less for the U.S. Olympic Committee from the IOC revenue sharing agreement.

    Oswald, 63, has served as IOC member since 1991 and president of the international rowing federation since 1989. In addition to a seat on the Executive Board, Oswald frequently finds himself serving as a member of Disciplinary Commissions formed to review drug cases arising from Olympic Games.

    2010 Ranking – 17

    Nawal El Moutawakel, #11, Rio de Janeiro Expert

    Nawal El Moutawakel is becoming the IOC’s defacto expert on Rio de Janeiro. She led the IOC Evaluation Commission for 2016 that led to Rio’s selection last year; now she leads the Coordination Commission that will oversee the next six years of work to the Games.

    Nawal El Moutawakel (ATR)
    She’s in Rio with the IOC President at the end of December for the launch of the new logo for the organizing committee and to meet with Olympic organizers for updates on work for the Games.

    Famous for becoming the first women from an Isalmic nation to win Olympic gold in athletics, she is influential at home in Morocco, a leading voice for sport in the national government.

    Elected to the IOC in 1998, Moutawakel has two years remaining in her first term on the Executive Board. Aged 48, she has 20 years remaining on the IOC before retirement, ensuring her status as a potential IOC President sometime in the future.

    2010 Ranking – 12

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